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From: James North -- insideUniverse
Friday, 8:23 A.M.


Dear Wealth & Freedom Seeker,

I'm excited to be finally able to bring you these classic, powerful freedom books, in an easy user-friendly format.

Dr. W.G. Hill wrote the underground classics, PT -- The Perpetual Tourist, and The Passport Report along with a few other titles originally published by Scope International back in the 1990's.


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More recently, a retired Dr. Hill assigned Peter Trevellian (Yes, P.T.!) the task of carrying the freedom torch around the world, which he has done eloquently with his titles PTO -- Portable Trades & Occupations and The Invisible Investor (II).

We fully endorse and recommend these 4 rock-solid books to all freedom-seeking, Sovereign Individuals everywhere.


If you have ever read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, Harry Browne's How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World, or Frank Wallace's Neo-Tech Discovery then you're already half way here -- a Potential PT!

Do you want to escape the control over your life and property now held by modern Big Brother government? The PT concept could have been called Individual Sovereignty, because PTs look after themselves. We don't want or need authorities dominating every aspect of our existence from cradle to grave. The PT concept is one way to break free.

In a nutshell, a PT merely arranges his or her 'paperwork' in such a way that all governments consider him a tourist - a person who is just 'Passing Through.' The advantage is that by being thought of by government officials as a person who is merely 'Parked Temporarily,' a PT is not subjected to taxes, military service, lawsuits, or persecution for partaking in innocent but forbidden pursuits or pleasures.

Unlike most citizens or subjects, the PT will not be persecuted for his beliefs or lack of them. PT stands for many things: a PT can be a 'Prior Taxpayer,' 'Perpetual Tourist' or 'Permanent Traveler' if he or she wants to be. The individual who is a PT can stay in one place most of the time, Or all of the time! PT is a concept, a way of life, a way of perceiving the universe and your place in it. One can be a full-time, dedicated PT or a part-time PT. Some intelligent readers may not want to break out at once, or become a PT at all. They just want to be aware of the possibilities, and be prepared to modify their lifestyle in the event of a crisis. Knowledge will make you sort of a PT - a 'Possibility Thinker' who is 'Prepared Thoroughly' for the future.

"Becoming a PT is not a static thing that you can do once, and then, like obtaining a diploma, just hang it on the wall. PT is a way of thinking, something far more than a mere occupation or even a lifestyle. It is a state of being. . . The variations and possibilities are infinite-PTs can have real freedom in an unfree world." W.G. Hill

The PT theory is elegant, simple, and requires no accountants, attorneys, offshore corporations, nor other complex arrangements. Since the income of most PTs is easily doubled, and most frustrations of life with Big Brother are instantly eliminated, the logical question is only: "Can you afford not to become a PT?"

Unlimited, untaxed wealth and the power to dispose of it as you please is one of the major benefits of becoming a PT. We can work and be paid in full (without withholding tax or deductions) and then spend our earnings on what gives us pleasure. Until you become a PT the range of opportunities denied you is inconceivable. We don't miss the things we are unaware of. PT will raise your consciousness as to the nature of freedom and the ways to rid yourself of all limitations. The constitutions of most nations give lipservice to the absolute freedom to travel, but in practice every government severely limits travel with passport, visa, and other requirements.

By imposing restrictions on foreigners, most nations invite tit-for-tat reciprocal measures. Personal finances, currency controls, domestic situations and job requirements make the freedom to go anywhere at anytime just a dream for most people. The PT, once properly equipped, operates outside of the usual rules, gaining mobility and a full slate of human rights. The value of these rights cannot even be perceived by people who have never experienced them.

The message of PT is not however to encourage greed, lust, irresponsibility, immorality or any of the other seven deadly sins. The effect of PT being popularized will be to release creative souls from the many burdens of coping with Big Brother.

You don't need to found a new country or displace someone else to make yourself a sovereign. The PT need not dominate other people. He or she must only be willing to break out of a parochial way of thinking: the PT must be superior only in that small area located between the ears. We speak of the potential PT now in terms of wealth, talent, intelligence, and creativity. Who is this PT in the upper miniscule of the population? It might well be you...


"Nothing offers greater safety than invisibility. Darwin noted that the most effective life forms evolved to blend in with their environment." W.G. Hill

People of intelligence and wealth owe it to themselves and their descendents to have five 'flags.' No one with common sense should give all their assets or allegiance to just one flag.

Why? Because no country nor any government has ever survived more than a few generations without totally annihilating itself or its own middle and upper classes. Even in that 'last bastion of capitalism,' the USA, people of property were thrice forced to flee the country.

In 1780, one third of the population (the entire middle and ruling class), was forced to move to Canada; these were the Tories who supported England in the Revolution.

In 1870, it happened again; all large land owners (who supported the Confederacy in the Civil War) were forced to migrate to Mexico, Europe or South America.

In the post 1917 period, prohibition, confiscatory taxes, compulsory military service, the proliferation of hungry contingent-fee lawyers, socialist judges and suffocating government regulations once again caused wealthy Americans (and Europeans) to seek new flags. Five million of the wealthiest and most productive Americans live abroad. Eighty-five percent of all liquid private wealth is already anonymously registered 'offshore.' CAN YOU AFFORD TO HAVE ONLY ONE FLAG? - NOT IF YOUR NET WORTH IS, OR WILL BE, OVER US$250,000!

Flag 1. BUSINESS BASE. These are places where you make your money. They must be different from where you 'legally reside' (your personal fiscal domicile).

Flag 2. PASSPORT AND CITIZENSHIP. These should be from a country unconcerned about offshore citizens or what they do outside its borders.

Flag 3. DOMICILE. This should be a tax haven with good communications, a place where wealthy, productive people can be creative, live, relax, prosper and enjoy themselves, preferably with bank secrecy and no threat of war or revolution.

Flag 4. ASSET REPOSITORY. This should be a place from which assets, securities and business affairs can be managed anonymously by proxy.

Flag 5. PLAYGROUNDS. These are places where you would actually physically spend your time.

PT fully explains all Five Flags. It is a complete guide to getting the most out of life that this Earth currently offers. PT answers important questions you didn't even know you should have asked.

PT's big 240 pages are also packed with many case histories, stories of personal consultations and serious advice.

PT contains the personal biography of Dr. Bill Hill. Read how this freedom loving multi-millionaire has made - and keeps - his money, PT style.

If you'd like to have the best introduction to the world of second citizenships and passport programs, we've got it for you!

Why entrust your life and your freedom to any one government? Obtain a second passport and you can hold on to your personal and financial independence for ever. A second passport can instantly reduce your tax burden and can give you the necessary mobility you require. It could even save your life.

Five reasons why you may need a second passport:

  • You are being overtaxed
  • Your basic human right of travel is being restricted
  • You are not allowed to work or settle in another country
  • Your finance and life are being threatened by your country's political instability
  • You are being persecuted for your beliefs and for pursuing certain harmless activities.

Don't get caught in Big Brother's tax nets
Many countries have altered their tax legislation to catch you out. But,with more than one nationality you can reduce or even eliminate your taxes. Most high-tax countries exempt foreigners who live there less than six months a year. Obtain a second passport and you could live in a high-tax country tax-free as a foreigner!

The Passport Report could put you in the perfect position to escape the clutches of Big Brother for ever! And you won't have to break the law to get there. This Report is for resourceful and freethinking citizens who wish to solve their problems LEGALLY.

The truth behind passport deals
Every country has its own citizenship rules. Some countries welcome individuals with nationalized ancestors. Others give passports to those of a certain religion. Sometimes, though, the easiest way to secure citizenship is the old-fashioned way. With money!

Many governments issue passports to gain extra revenue. So, put up the money and you can obtain an almost instant passport! Many countries setup passport programs and citizenship is granted to individuals who act as "financial benefactors" or "special investors". Dr Hill reveals all the passport deals on offer and makes sure you know what they really mean.

Over 70 countries explored in detail!
Cut out the bureaucrats and middlemen. At last you can have all the information you need at a fraction of the cost! Dr Hill and his editors have contacted over 70 countries and collected further information from over a hundred contributors. You could not be in safer hands.

Countries examined include Antigua, Australia, Austria, The Bahamas, Belize, Canada, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Malta, Mexico, Namibia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, St Kitts and Nevis,Seychelles, Singapore, The Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, SriLanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Venezuela, and many more...

Dr WG Hill's The Passport Report is the leading book on the subject. Don't delay. A second passport will change your life for ever. Secure your copy of this exciting Report today and find out how you can benefit!

If you're fed-up with your current j.o.b. (or country!), and would like to "earn below the radar" elsewhere on the world, let us give you some ideas...

Note: All suggestions and chapters involve the experiences of real people: i.e., PTs living outside of their home country. All started out with NO capital, NO University Training related to their present work or services. None have nor will they seek residence or work permits where they live & work. None have occupational licenses. All strive to avoid personal notoriety. They are not found on COMPUTERS of the jurisdictions where they operate. They file no papers, environmental impact reports nor do they usually pay income taxes. Each job or service in PTO has an estimated minimum earnings potential of USA Dollars $100,000 per year which should be achieved after one year of persistent effort. For those who don't aim high financially, you can also earn more or as little as you think you need.  Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of being a multi-millionaire. But as May West once said," I have been a thousand-air and a millionaire. Millionaire is better."

The Missionary Position - Charisma Not Necessary!

Gain A Princely Income, Unlimited Wealth & Vast Powers over Vast Numbers. Fringe Benefits include being considered a demi-deity and Infallible Prophet while you amass wealth. Naturally there's the usual unlimited sex with your favourites-if that is your thing.  Select adoring members of your flock for special attention and instruction.

Found your own religion or join existing groups. Reverend Moon and Billy Graham are just two of thousands of savvy and successful preachers like them! The field is wide open as the majority of all people seek answers and spiritual leadership. Any bullshit will serve as your credo.

Scientology and Moonies, relative newcomers in the Religion Sweepstakes have assets approaching a Billion each, but wouldn't you be happy with less? Learn the Religion Business. It's international, tax free and your inventory can't spoil, be stolen or get stale dated.

Promote "Events"

All you need is Chutzpah. You create the stars or promote yourself. Rock Concerts, Seminars, Inspirational & Special Interest Group Rallies. How others have done it. How you can do it NOW! When you sell 50,000 tickets at $100 each it's easy to earn more on one concert than most people will save in a lifetime. No intelligence needed.

Take Care of Their Body

Make it Big in Health Care. Peddle Vitamins, Beauty Care, Cosmetics, Genetic Tinkering, Weight Reduction, Life Extension, Exercise & Fitness.  You can start door-to-door and end up a millionaire like the folks who brought you Amway, Shaklee Vitamins, Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Tune in, Turn On, Drop Out

Get well paid and enjoy fabulous sex on an uninhabited island with partners who pay your way. Subsistence while you do it, but rewards on the lecture circuit & for movie rights afterwards. Not a major money maker, but a lifestyle option for those who want to escape the rat race completely.

New Age Consultant

How to make Millions Peddling Nonsense. Astrology, witchcraft, fortune telling. Copper Bracelets, Body Piercing. Getting In Touch With Your Inner Self, hypnosis, Beta Waves. Sell Ostrich Breeding Chicks. The telephone company helps you with "900" Numbers. People can call you or your staff and pay two dollars a minute to have seances with the dead, psychic healing, talk dirty, hear bad jokes or get bad advice.  Examples of Unlikely Success: Joe Cossman made millions on ant farms & (rubber) shrunken heads. Book, Videos & Lecture Tour on "How to Apply the Skills of Lion Taming to the Modern Corporation" nets over $1 million a year. There's a fool born every moment and they want to hand over their wallets to you!

Video & Software Pirate

In some places local governments screw you. Your Rights are little or none. In other local government areas (i.e. countries,) you screw them. Thus, you can copy or "reverse engineer" with impunity. As authors we consider it theft, but as others have made more money selling unauthorized reprints of our books than we have, we'd be remiss in not elaborating on this unique profit opportunity. What may be a crime in your country is a respectable occupation in Greece or Taiwan. We know one Hong Kong operator who owns a yacht the size of a battle ship and flies around in a private Boeing 707 Jet. So there must be a few pennies in it.


Survive & Prosper In Tourist Resorts \ Cruise Ships - Providing gigolo type sexual and other services. Subsistence at a high level while you do it . . .  leads to marrying very well. Subject of Chapter tells how he "earned" $500 Million in five minutes (at the Altar!). It beats working!

Tracing Missing Heirs

[To Probate Estates, Unclaimed Bank Accounts, stocks and bonds.] The Author personally made $10 Million in this glamorous, globe-trotting, fun occupation and tells all his secrets here.

Cyberspace Tycoon

Learn about the newest frontier: E-mail, Internet, WWW, Netscape, Hot Dog. Are you wired and ready to log on? The ground floor is here and now! Potential Unlimited. Many people you've never heard of (and never will) are taking their ideas public at anywhere from $250,000 to 500 Million. We suggest many ONLINE opportunities for stay-at-home computer nerds who can't (or don't want to) cope with the real world.


Self Publish, Self-Promote, And Sell Your Work: Newsletters, Special Reports, Books, Movie Scripts. Secrets of the All Important "Back End" exposed for the first time. The author knows two dozen writers, no smarter than you who have personally, during the past 25 years never earned less than 1 million per annum at this game of freelance writing. The big money is usually in the back end: consulting, lecturing, and promoting other products.

Bluffing Your Way Into A Dream Job

Diplomat, Foreign Minister, Athletic Team Manager, Theatrical Agent. Become Investment Adviser or Guru to Top Athletes, Royalty or Movie Stars. Potential Unlimited. Real power over your clients, and maybe over History itself is a fringe benefit.


How "Ambrosia Caprice" makes $10,000 a week by advising her clients on how to acquire a toy-boy or un-liberated woman. Be a marriage broker like Paradise Shelton who does tours on his yacht in the South Sea Islands. Have fun and earn big. "I can't give you anything but love," at $5,000 a pop will be your slogan.

TV & Video Producer

A No risk way to peddle "C" Grade movies, computer programs and infomercials. Produce them yourself or get them for practically nothing from others. Interesting work and lots of sex. Bill Gates made his fortune using these little known secret techniques.

Import & Export

The best kept secrets of the successful operators. Why the average Joe never makes it go. When you can purchase something abroad and land it in your country at one-quarter of the local price, it takes a real idiot not to make money. Japanese used cars in perfect condition sell in Tokyo for a pittance. Many entrepreneurs have made millions on this arbitrage trade. Also, see our chapter on Mark Rich, Commodity Trading & Arbitrage.

Life on the Public Tit

How to get a cushy, no tax, no work job with an Embassy, Government Owned Corporation or International Agency. Average salary not including graft and bribes, can be over $250,000 p/a plus expenses, perks. Unlike entrepreneurs who are guaranteed nothing, you'll likely get 90% of earnings as a pension after 20 years of what is laughably called "public service."

Street Artist

Living Statues, Charlie Chaplin Look-Alike, Robot-Clown, Musician, Magician, Juggler. Their earnings though far from our upper levels, but the real story will amaze you none-the-less. For you to do well at this most mobile of all occupations, you just need to know a few attention getting tricks!  Of course the opposite sex will be attracted! If you like the healthy outdoors and the gypsy life, this is for you! Selling your Tapes & Videos brings in extra Income. Making it big time in show biz with your act is always a possibility.

Semi-Show Biz

Big Money on the Lunch or Dinner's Speaker Circuit. Inspirational Public Speaking, Seminars, Self-Promotion. If Kissinger (who can't even speak decent English) can do it, so can you. Learn how one speaker earned over $1 Million for a two hour talk. Average is closer to $5,000 (plus free lunch) per appearance. Back End sales of souvenirs, books and tapes bring in extra income.

No Talent Artist

You can be like Jackson Pollack or Andy Warhol, with a little self-promotion. Same techniques have worked for musicians like the Beastie Boys and sexploitationists like Madonna. That's Show Biz! No limit on earnings but a one million net profit p/a would be reasonable expectation with effective self-promotion.

Business Consultant

The Most fun and highest earnings in the business world.  Plus, you could end up running a major corporation if you wanted to give up the PT Life.

Passport Broker

How I Got an Idea in Prison that Made me a Millionaire in One Year. By: Ponzi Truth Sojourner. The world's leading authority on Government issued false passports and other I.D. suggests that you can take over his business, since he's just retired.

And much more. . . .

If you're already (or soon going to be ) happy and flush with cash, find out how to put it to the best, most profitable yet discreet use...

Get your assets out of the country,
before your country gets your assets out of you

Courts and juries have gone mad -- with million dollar plus verdicts for mildly miffed but otherwise undamaged plaintiffs; Government agencies can confiscate and destroy everything you own, without due process; Property rights have been eroded beyond all recognition.

Selective Prosecution means that successful people with visible assets run a high risk of criminal indictment. Do you need new defenses, new asset protection options?

The INVISIBLE INVESTOR a brilliant, fast moving, easy reading report by the legendary W.G. Hill, (author of the Passport Report and Perpetual Tourist) and Dr. Peter Trevellian, the world's foremost expert on expatriation of assets, will give you amazing insights into a secret world you never knew existed, a way of handling your savings and assets so that: You'll never spend another day nor a single dime on lawyers, tax preparers, or accountants. Lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats will be banished from your life -forever. You, the invisible or anonymous investor can be insulated and buffered to the point where you'll never be sued or waste a moment of your life defending yourself in court. You make yourself judgment proof at a stroke and at no cost. [Yes, you read that correctly.]


More important, you will make new contacts and much more money on your investments than you ever dreamed possible. You'll learn what it means to be a "P.T." or sovereign individual. Your private papers and personal records become invisible and undiscoverable. Your assets are likewise invisible and undiscoverable in the custody of big safe banks that don't even know your name. Yet you can cash out any time and have money in hand instantly -- anywhere in the world, without any paper trail or electronic record linking your name to the withdrawal or source.

Estate Planning? Forget it! Billions of dollars find their way into the pockets of lawyers, state and federal tax collectors. The Invisible Investor shows you how (without any lawyer) to avoid probate costs, eliminate family fights over your money after you've gone. You'll find out how wealthy people preserve 100% of their hard earned money for the people they want to have it -- not the State.

Taxes? The INVISIBLE INVESTOR'S estate pays no taxes; the heirs pay no inheritance taxes! Capital Gains Taxes? They are completely eliminated.

Income Taxes? They too can be legally eliminated completely if you are willing to move abroad (to a tropical paradise ?) part of the year and run your existing business through an offshore corporation.

Risk of Criminal Prosecution? With one in every seven Americans now destined to serve jail time for newly defined victimless crimes, you need to plan your personal escape before becoming enmeshed in the legal process. All criminal (and civil) liability is absolutely eliminated because in the case of trouble, not only your assets are out of the jurisdiction, but your personal paperwork and second passport is arranged so you can follow your assets to highly enjoyable places from where you can't be extradited or even served with legal papers. You can be safe and your money can be safe.

Read this Special Report! If you earn over $25,000 per year, or if you have assets over $100,000, we guaranty you will make back the cost of this amazing special report a hundred times over within sixty days of reading it. There is nothing technical or difficult to understand. Like the Boy Scout Manual it gives you simple, fast reading instructions on how to move your assets to a place of privacy and safety; how to move yourself to the same place if it ever becomes necessary.

You can read, understand and apply it in an hour if you are fast. Three hours for the slower readers. Like all of Trevellian's books, the Invisible Investor explains simple concepts that lawyers, government agents and accountants hide from you. We promise you'll get dozens of ideas and immediately useful secret tax saving and asset preservation practices (long known to the super rich).

The best thing is, we are able to bring you these radical works for a far saner price than the original format, which were basically expensive, courier mailed dead cows & trees (leather-bound books), and cost a small fortune.

Now, fittingly for a new millenium, you can download and read all four titles (PT, The Passport Report, Portable Trades & Occupations and Invisible Investor) in Adobes' Portable Document Format (PDF) right now, for less than half the cost of just one original hardcopy! 

We'll take your order over the web, via ClickBank or PayPal with your debit or credit card, and provide you automatic access to all 4 ebooks (plus a bunch of bonuses) from within our online community, in just a few minutes -- for only $47.

A Quick Word About The Bonuses & Guarantee...

So, in summary, here are the main products you can download right now:

  1. PT: A Coherent Plan For A Stress-Free, Healthy And Prosperous Life Without Government Interference, Taxes Or Coercion.

  2. PTO: 101 Ways You Can Make Serious Money Anywhere In The World Without Special Education, Visas, Permits or Licenses.

  3. Passport: How To Legally Obtain A Second Passport.

  4. Invisible Investor: Get your assets out of the country, before your country gets your assets out of you.

And now, here are your bonuses...

Bonus #1

(inUni Screenshot)

A 1 month subscription to our exclusive online Community system, where you'll have free access to a host of freedom-networking tools, such as:

  • Community Participant Profiles (Web-of-Trust)
  • Internal (private) email system/Dialogue Rooms
  • Subject-specific Bulletin Boards
  • Personal Newslogs (Blogs)
  • Freedom-related Articles
  • Event Calendars
  • Book, Movie and Website Recommendations
  • WorkGroups and TeamNets (supporting you being a PT and/or Universable Joint Venturer, for example)
  • Plus an ever-growing archive of Private Label and Master Resell Right Resources, like e-books, Software, Tutorials and more added constantly!

Bonus #2

(Expat World Screenshot)
Our 'Offshore Partner', Expat World, is offering exclusive to Uni-v.e.r.s.e. clients a free, 3 month subscription to the Expat World Newsletter for International Living (email version). Here's some facts about EW:
  1. They have been publishing their bureaucracy-busting, privacy-seeking, free-thinking newsletter for over 15 years successfully...
  2. Their subscription base is more than 7000 strong and growing steadily...
  3. Their research staff monitors 100's of international TV and radio sources, the internet, magazines, newspapers, private journals, computer nets and inside sources each month... (Bonus Details inside...)

Bonus #3

(Eden Press Screenshot)

Our 'Privacy Partner', Eden Press, is offering you an across-the-board 15% Discount on their (in)famous titles such as: I.D. by Mail, Paper Trip 1,2 & 3, 'How To Disappear in America' plus many, many more subjects from personal, financial and offshore privacy, through to revenge techniques and private investigation.

A right private treasure trove... Your special buyers 15% discount code is available now insideUni-v.e.r.s.e.

Bonus #4

  • How to Become a Honorary Consul
    This book, written by the number one PT, although you may not recognize the pen name on the book cover, has sold in the recent past for more than US $1000 per copy to a very select number of clients.

    If you strive to get in the diplomatic corps, get a diplomatic passport, live the good life on the diplomatic circuit, there is no other book on the market which can help you more in getting a honorary consul appointment. (PDF download - included more for fun, than anything else... :-)

Our guarantee is simple:

"If, within 56 days of your purchase date, after accessing insideUni-v.e.r.s.e., downloading the ebooks and applying the various techniques and strategies detailed, you are in any way unhappy, you may request a full refund"

NB: These books are "classic" because they originally "lit the path" to a whole new world of Freedom Technology.  However, all titles are now out-of-print, being the last editions of 1998.  Don't let *another* ten years of pseudo-slavery slip you by... Use this knowledge and our community NOW to make your life better tomorrow... All for just $47!

We Accept PayPal!
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YES, Give me IMMEDIATE access to the insideUniverse PT Knowledge Virtual Workgroup to freely download the PT ebooks at my leisure.

I understand The Uni-v.e.r.s.e. is developing the most robust PT/Freedom Community and to guarantee that, I need to register for insideUniverse before accessing my purchase and bonuses, and am requested to complete my networking profile as thoroughly as possible. To assure my "anonymity" I understand that I can, and am in fact encouraged to, use a pseudonym and alternative email address whilst registering for insideUniverse.

However, I agree that all other information I put in my profile will be accurate and valid to assist other community participants -- and myself -- in effective networking.

I understand that any robust community, online or offline, with a valid purpose (such as advancing and sustaining Individual Freedom!), is only possible if each participant maintains a persistent identity as the cornerstone to building other key community principles such as trust, reputation, and history.

When you click "Add to Cart" below, you will be taken to our secure payment processor, ClickBank, for paying with your credit/debit card. AFTER your payment has been approved, you MUST CLICK THE "COMPLETE YOUR ORDER" button to access our secure registration page and receive further instructions to enter the community and download your purchase. The whole process will only take a few minutes...

Credit Card Payments Accepted


See You insideUniverse!

James North
Community Facilitator/Admin

P.S. For only $47, your purchase here today, right now, is a decisive advance toward your own, personally crafted 'freedom movement'... Can you afford not to Align With Us?

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